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Discover the Cevennes

Around our guest house nature offers a mosaic of landscapes typical of the Cévennes: mountains braided with deep valleys, rivers and waterfalls where it is good to swim, holm oaks, chestnut groves, terraces called here faïsses.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions, we’ll provide you with information and advice.



Stroll through the narrow, shady streets of this pretty little village nicknamed Porte des Cévennes.

The Bamboo Garden


Stroll through this unique 34-hectare exotic garden. Bamboo, lotus, ginkgo biloba, ...

The exuberance of plants in their most unexpected forms.

Cévennes steam train


Climb into this legendary teuf-teuf tortillard.

Let yourself be carried around in its panoramic wagons for a 13 km trip, from Anduze to St Jean du Gard.

Museum of the Cevennes valleys

Museum dedicated to the Cévennes of yesterday and today.

Why is the chestnut tree called the breadfruit tree and the mulberry tree the golden tree?

The museum is housed in the former Maison Rouge spinning mill, the last to close in France in 1965. The daily work of the spinners and the silky memory of the Cévennes are beautifully traced in this building listed as a Historic Monument.

Grotte de Trabuc - Le lac de minuit_edit
The Trabuc cave


Travel to the center of the earth by exploring the most extensive underground network in the Cévennes.

The Grotte de Trabuc shelters the mystery of the "100,000 soldiers", a geological phenomenon unexplained to this day.



Wander the cobbled streets of this authentic medieval village. Admire its nine-century-old Romanesque houses and the remains of its fortifications. Leaning against a rocky outcrop, it offers a superb panorama of the Cévennes massif.

vézénobres - La rue de l'horloge.jpg


Start by strolling through its medieval streets to discover the city's monuments and the shops and art galleries set up in the old buildings.

Take a seat on the terrace to enjoy the shade of the trees that line the Place aux Herbes.

Visit the castle of the first Duchy of France.

Above all, don't miss the scents and colors of one of the Wednesday or Saturday markets.​

Pont du Gard


17 km from Uzès, take advantage of the beaches on the banks of the right bank of the Gardon and swim 200 meters from the Pont du Gard. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Roman aqueduct was built around the 1st century AD. It carried water from Uzès to Nîmes.

Vase Anduze.jpg
Vase from Anduze

Go and meet the potters who guarantee the authenticity of a know-how dating from the 17th century. They will reveal some manufacturing secrets of the famous Vase d'Anduze.

Vélorail des Cévennes


Go on a 1h30 journey in the heart of the Cévennes countryside on this original vehicle which will only move forward with the enthusiasm you put into pedaling.

Vélorail des Cévennes
Canyoning, Caving, Via Ferrata

Discover exceptional natural sites with a professional guide.

Off-road electric scooter

Fun, easy, effortless or almost, surprising, silent, fast and ecological, the electric scooter allows all audiences, even the less athletic, to discover our corners of scrubland, vineyards, riversides, heritage, etc. in all originality and in complete safety.

trott'in gard - ales - 03.jpg
Pole-Mecanique-vue aérienne-vueweb-1030x773.jpg
Mechanical pole - Alès Cevennes


Lovers of thrills, discover all the driving possibilities: Automobile, Motorcycle, Karting.

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